The Rose Doolittle Mystery Series

About The Author

Daniel Phalen left a career as vice president of a computer consulting firm to devote his energy to writing fiction in quiet seclusion. His ranch on the edge of a thousand-acre agricultural preserve inspired his first book for children, THE CHUMASH CIRCLE.

Bringing to life the down-home flavor of his own roots, Phalen points out "most kids live with concrete and glass." From his new home in Oregon, he hatches out new plots with a common theme: "Rose Doolittle's experience is an extension of the daily routine in country life," he explains.

Phalen says response to his book has caused him to take an active interest in parent-child relationships. "I've discovered that kids nine-to-twelve have a lot more going for them than we realize," he says. "We should try to listen better."

The author agrees that what we usually hear from kids that age is a lot of noise. "After all, that's what they're about, with so much energy. But if you pay closer attention," he adds, "you'll discover a deeper level of interest. They're aware of the adult world around them. Often their questions are very perceptive and incisive."

Phalen believes that the key is remembering to listen. "Because really, you can learn a lot about yourself from the kids you live with."

Phalen is a member of SCBWI, the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators. His second Rose Doolittle book, THE CLAMDOLLAR CAPER, was released in April, 2002, and he plans five more in the series.