by Daniel Phalen

A cattle ranch in Montana sets the scene for Rose Doolittle's adventure with cowboys, smoke jumpers, latter-day rustlers, and the strange but powerful medicine of the Crow people.

Tall at fifteen and already an experienced rider, Rose quickly learns to work cattle from horseback and meets a dashing young Crow Indian whose quiet demeanor hides explosive physical power.

When Rose and Buck Tenkiller discover cattle thieves using helicopters and electronics to move beef, they uncover a net of intrigue that stretches from the Big Sky country all the way across the plains to Chicago. But when the thieves start setting forest fires to divert attention from their illicit operations, Buck is called away from the case to another theater of action as a smoke jumper, unaware that a fellow jumper has been paid to make sure Buck doesn't come back.

Rose learns the truth and, desperate to rescue Buck, inadvertently stows away on the rustlers' private plane. The rustlers find her and dump her into the night sky. As she free-falls into the blazing inferno, Rose realizes that it will take more than Crow magic to save her and Buck. Like, maybe a major miracle.


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