by Daniel Phalen

The Florida Everglades provides a backdrop for hijacks and murder as Rose Doolittle combs the cypress swamps in search of a Seminole legend named Charlie Tokahatchee, and prays that her Indian magic can stop the killings and set an honest man free.

Fast men chase fast money in fast cars. Mickey Mouse is found shot in a hotel parking lot, the man inside the costume a star witness against a car theft ring. A movie chase on jet skis, where the pursuers fire real bullets. Live gators found in a clubhouse swimming pool. The wild-eyed driver of an air boat steering straight into a swarm of maddened killer bees.

Rose does it all as she doggedly tracks ruthless car thieves willing to kill in their pursuit of millions. Her fame precedes her as Rose approaches Charlie's booby-trapped hideout deep in the swamps and discovers that his cohorts are not car thieves at all but three crazy Seminole chiefs plotting to overthrow the government and take back Miami Beach.

Rose winds up captive in a mansion owned by Hamilton Dorset Gildercrest, a bankrupt tycoon who intends to carry off the biggest car heist on record, a freighter loaded with a classic car collection. Before she can save Charley and the Chiefs and recover the cars, Rose must rely on Seminole magic. But Gildercrest has a surprise in store for her: his girlfriend is a voodoo witch.


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