by Daniel Phalen

At age fifteen, Rose Doolittle's new-found talent as a distance runner carries her across the continent to compete in the national finals for young women. There she meets Bru Callahan, whose father is Irish and mother full Cherokee. Bru can run, for her stamina and endurance are Cherokee traits. Rose wants badly to win the competition but Bru is better. Nevertheless, it takes the talent of both girls to outrun the trouble that awaits them.

When handsome Alec Dillon shows up for boys practice, Rose is distracted and performs badly, losing to Bru in the first heat. As she struggles to stay in the running, Rose learns that Alec's trainer, Ben Croft, is taking bets and forcing Alec to lose. Bru confesses that Croft has put pressure on her to lose too. Rose falls out of the running and Croft sends her packing for home. But Rose won't leave until the trainer is brought to justice.

What she doesn't realize is that Croft is connected to organized crime, and her interference draws the attention of a hired hit man. In order to stay alive and help her friends, Rose must run the race of her life.


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