by Daniel Phalen

Peculiar scratchings inside a painted cave, high in the red sandstone cliffs above Sedona. The legend of a lost gold mine, its owner lost in the Superstition Mountains. A missing man last seen standing on the brink of a cenote. A mysterious Texan with too much money and too many tall tales.

Ingredients for suspense in the wild reaches of modern-day Arizona, where ghosts of the ancient past touch the unexplained disappearances of four men. Their cases appear to be unrelated, but as Rose Doolittle finds out, a common thread of treachery winds through all.

THE SANDCASTERS tells of a modern-day shaman of the Anasazi cliff-dwellers. He lives between two worlds, and his art explains why the "ancient ones" disappeared and why Rose Doolittle is the key to finding the men missing from her own time. For indeed, the works of this latter-day sand caster form clues to both the last days of the Anasazi and the latest disappearances. 

On a family reunion in Arizona to celebrate her turning thirteen, Rose discovers that being a teenager has more demands than she ever dreamed, for someone is trying to make Rose dead before her time.


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