The Rose Doolittle Mystery Series


Every child loves a mystery. After all, the wonder of the unknown is what being a child is all about. And that's right where Rose Doolittle lives!

Rose solves crimes with help from Native American ghosts. But only she can see and talk to them, which makes life tough for a crime fighter.

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A Public Service Announcement


The following questions have plagued computer users for decades. We decided to set the record straight by consulting a panel of customer service experts.

I'm confused about uploads and downloads. Which direction is UP and which is DOWN?

If you don't know up from down you have no business using a computer. Log off and stay off.

How come you DOWNload an UPgrade?

Because users are inferior to software gurus, who are endowed with superior intelligence, social standing, and empowerment. Ask another stupid question and we'll slap a surcharge on your credit card.

Does that mean you can also UPload a DOWNgrade?

Only dyslexic software gurus can do that. For example, Windows Vista.

What's the difference between an UPGRADE and an UPDATE?

You upGRADE to add new features you didn't ask for and don't need. You upDATE to fix mistakes made by superior millionaire software gurus.

Should I allow automatic DOWNloads of Microsoft UPdates?

Only if you trust Microsoft with your life and your personal identity. Otherwise, you're better off at the mercy of a Chinese hacker.

Is a Chinese hacker some kind of exotic dog breed?

A surcharge of $50.00 will appear in your next credit statement.

Dan Phalen
24 Jan 2010

Cakewalk Instrument Definitions

On the musical side, we provide free instrument definition files for the Yamaha arranger keyboards, particularly the Tyros and PSR lines. For Cakewalk® or SONAR® instrument definitions for these arranger synthesizers, click here or the "MUSIC" menu item above.

Visual Styler

Visual Styler converts Yamaha PSR arranger style files from one keyboard to another. It's another freebie from Creston Hall. Go there now...

The Chumash Circle introduces Rose Doolittle to readers of all ages, especially 9-12. Her first adventure pits Rose against ex-convicts stealing money from the county fair.   more...

The Clamdollar Caper finds Rose in Washington, DC, where she sees the President's son get kidnapped. Rose knows where to find the culprits, but no one believes her.   more...