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The series starts with Rose at age eleven, dealing with ex-cons, an owl with an unspoken message, Native American ghosts who appear and talk only to Rose, a suspicious neighbor with a gun, and the confusing charms of a Chumash cowboy six years older than Rose, who insists she is on the verge of a great discovery. Oh, and a gang of ex-convicts whose favorite toy, besides money, is a knife.  Order NOW!

The President's 13-year-old son is kidnapped in Washington, D.C., and twelve-year-old Rose is the only witness. Rose knows where to find the culprits, but no one believes her. A child mystery with a young adult twist.  Order NOW!

A family reunion in Arizona's red rock country turns up four missing men and no clues, until Rose gets on the case. The real answer is a surprise to Rose, and will surprise you too!

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Florida's Everglade swamps play host to three nutty Seminole chiefs battling a bigtime hijacking organization whose leader is planning the biggest car heist in history.

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Romance and intrigue on a Montana cattle drive with a Crow cowboy, modern-day rustlers, smoke jumpers, and a 5,000-foot plunge from an airplane into a raging inferno.

The Adirondacks form the backdrop for a national cross-country championship, until mobsters rig the race for big stakes, and Rose is forced off-track to run for her life.

Rose's first serious romance takes place with handsome Gabe Larkin on Washington's Olympic Peninsula. But love has hardly bloomed when she's caught in a conspiracy to kill the boy she loves.